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April 9, 2003 Crew Minutes


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Crew 485 Agenda
April 9, 2003

I. Pledge to the Flag

II. Scout Oath

III. Collectected registration for: 
A.      Camp Sawyer $30
B.       Camp Lone Oak $250
C.       Venture Leadership Skills Course $20 (will be collected by May 7, 2003)

IV. Review:
            A. Ice Skating- Anaid, Belkis, Nicole, Katrina, Rodolfo, and Jose all
                 attended ice skating friday night
B. Zhivago's Eagle Project- Zhivago completed his project and had assistance
                from Jose, Katrina, and Nicole from the crew. Others were from his troop.
                Congratulations to Zhivago!!

                          a. There was a specific reminder that uniforms must be worn by each
                              and e
very crew member. All those who do not have unforms, will
                              NOT be allowed to participate in any crew activity.

V. Earth Day and Baynanza Celebration
On Saturday, April 19, 2003, Crew 485 will be helping out in the
                   annual park coastline clean-up at Oleta State Park from 9am-12pm.
                   Refreshemnts will follow, and we hope to see eveyrone there.

VI. Campouts:
Camp Sawyer money was due tonight. Anyone who paid will need their
                    OWN transportation. April 25-27, 2003 is the Keys trip, and we hope to
                    have exciting activites including, a fishing tournament, cook-
                    out, canoeing and kayaking, and much more!!
                B. Venturing Leadership Skills Course
                                a. DEADLINE: May 7, 2003
~ $20~ It is MANDATORY that ALL crew
                                   officers attend, and all interested crew members are welcomed 
                                   to attend.
                C. Camp Lone Oak- Those attending Lone Oak will need the following:
                                a. what to bring??
                                                -clothing (Sunday night-Saturday morning)
                                                -several swim suits (NO 2 pieces)
                                                -towels (2)
                                                -sleeping bag/sleeping pad
                                               -money for ice cream, sodas, or any souvenirs
                                b. The trip is from June 14-21, 2003 in Inverness, Florida. The 
                                    money was also due tonight, all those not paid, WILL NOT be able
                                    to attend. Activites will vary.

VII. Committees:
                A. Historian/Spirit
                                This committee will consist of Anaid, Keys, and Belkis. They will be
                                in  charge of all the Crew 485 scrapbooks, and picture taking, etc.
                                 Also, they will be in charge of collecting all the spirit ideas for the
                                 competition campouts, as well as the bulletin boards.

                B. Ski Trip
                                a. Carlos and Katrina have been working on a skit trip for the 2004
                                    season. The cost will be around $250 WITH fundraisers!!!! More
                                    information will come soon

                C. Fundraising
                                a. We need a committee for fundraising. As of right now, Anaid is in
                                    charge of finding a location to do a car wash, and Zhivago is in
                                    charge of candy sale fundraisers. If you are interested in starting
                                    a fundraising committee, please let Katrina know.
                                 b. Ideas were brought up (car wash, candy sale, Ice Skating Party).
                                      Anaid will try and get a fundraiser at the Miami Ice Arena to
                                      invite other crews for a day of skating over the summer. Please
                                     contact Anaid if you have any information or would like to help in
                                     organizing it.

VIII. Oleta State Park
               A.      Katrina will be scheduling with Oleta State Park a day of watercraft. All 
                       those interested in completing their watercraft requirement, let her
                       know so she can get an agenda together so you can earn the 
                       requirement. Otherwise, on May 17, our crew will go Kayaking and
                       canoeing. More info will be sent out.

IX. Summer activities:
A.      Camp Seminole
Night Rappelling and Climbing
a.        $5 per person
b.        every Tuesday and Wednesday night (7-9pm)
                            c.      anyone interested, contact your crew officers

B.       Summer Get Together
                            a.     we are tring to get together over the summer to do a day of 
                                    paintball and possibly a BBQ to follow. We will update everyone
                                    with further information.

X. Closing ~ Next Meeting April 23, 2003