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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
Members List


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Crew 485

This is a list of all our current registered members. If you want to be a part of this list, come join us! Or if you would like to get in contact with anyone, feel free too.

Crew 485 Advisors
Our Crew Advisors!!!

These are our 2003-2004 officers, consultants, and adult advisors.

Crew President: Katrina Azevedo (
Crew V.P. of Admin.: Zhivago Rodgers (
Crew V.P. of Prgm.: Jose Serrano (
Crew Secretary: Anaid Benitez (
Crew Treasurer: Keysy Banegas (
Crew Member: Andrew Azevedo (
Crew Member: Carlos Lora (
Crew Member: Paul Laier 
Crew Member: Rodolfo Gomez (
Crew Member: Juan Guzman (

Crew Member: William Franco (

Crew Member:
Belkis Villarreal (
Crew Member: Stephanie Ardilla (

Crew Consultant: Nicole Szwanke (

Crew Consultant: Soralee Ayvar (

Crew Consultant: Frances Benitez (

Crew Consultant: Barbara Sanchez (

Crew Advisor: Carlos Azevedo (
Crew Associate Advisor: Facundo Ayvar
Crew Committee Chair: Estela Azevedo (
Chartered Organization Rep./Committee Member: Lisette Szwanke
Crew Committee Member: Ray Szwanke

Former Crew Members/Consultants:

                Khalil Ayvar
                Michael Azevedo
                Melissa Szwanke (

Crew Committees