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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
Our Crew 2002-2003 Calender


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Our crew has a great deal of activites planned for this scouting year. Some campouts and activites with our unit (troop, pack, and crew), as well as other crews. We look forward to having a lot of fun and many new experiences.

Barefoot Mailman group snap!
Barefoot Mailman with Crew 485!
The new 2003-2004 Calender is now here!!!!!

Yes, its time for college for most of our crew members. We would like to wish the best of luck to the following members who will no longer be joining us every week:

Nicole Szwanke ~ Nicole was our crew president for the past 4 years and we wish her the best of luck as she goes to UCF in Orlando starting this summer!!!

Andrew Azevedo ~ Andrew is an Eagle Scout for Troop 485,  and a member of Crew 485 for the past 4 years. He will be attending Barry University in Miami Shores, and we wish him the best!!!!

Frances Benitez: Franky has been our V.P. of Programs for the past 3 years. We wish her the best as she heads out to New York for college at Adelphi.

Carlos Lora: Carlos has been a member for almost a year. He will still be around as he attends Miami-Dade Community College next year, we wish him the best!!!!

Soralee Ayvar: Soralee has been our secretary and will be attending Dartmouth Univerity. Good luck Sora!!!

Barabara Sanchez

We wish all of our Class of 2003 graduates the best!!!!

JUNE 2003
June 13-14, 2003--High School Graduation
June 21, 2003-----Crew 485 Officer's Meeting
June, 2003--------Crew Meeting

JULY 2003
July 4, 2003------Fourth Of July / Estela's Birthday
July 7, 2003------Summer School Begins
July 9, 2003------Crew Meeting @ 7:30pm / Blizzard Beach money DUE
July 16, 2003-----Blizzard Beach money turned into council
August 2, 2003-----Blizzard Beach Trip @ Pembroke Pines location
August 3, 2003-----Ray's Birthday
August 19, 2003----Officer's Meeting @ 7:30pm  / Juan's Birthday
August 21, 2003----Keysy's Birthday
August 25, 2003----School Starts
September 1, 2003--------NO SCHOOL---Labor Day
September 2, 2003--------Crew Meeting @ 7:30pm
September 5, 2003--------Andrew's Birthday
September 12, 2003-------Frances' Birthday
September 12-14, 2003----Venturing Leadership Skills Course
September 16, 2003-------Crew Meeting @ 7:30pm
September 19, 2003-------Nicole's Birthday
September 20, 2003-------SFC Party Cruise
September 22, 2003-------Carlos A.'s Birthday
September 24, 2003-------Venture Roundtable
September 30, 2003-------Crew Meeting @ 7:30pm / Islands of
                                     Adventure money due
October 3, 2003--------Islands of Adventure money turn in to council
October 14, 2003-------Crew Meeting @ 7:30pm
October 17, 2003-------NO SCHOOL----Islands of Adventure
October 25, 2003-------Haunted Forest
October 27, 2003-------Anaid's Birthday
October 28, 2003-------Crew Meeting @ 7:30pm
November 7-9, 2003-------Webelos Jamboree
November 11, 2003--------Crew Meeting @ 7:30
November 14-16, 2003-----Venturing Leadership Skills Course
November 19, 2003--------Venture Roundtable
November 25, 2003--------Crew Meeting @ 7:30pm
November 27-28, 2003-----NO SCHOOL----Thanksgiving
November 30, 2003--------Carlos L.'s Birthday
Novemeber 30, 2003-------Venture crew "Pizza Party" Meeting @ 5pm
December 6, 2003---------Old Cutler Hike
December 12, 2003--------Deadline for Venturee ($15)
December 12-14, 2003-----Merit Badge College
December 2-31, 2003------NO SCHOOL---Winter Vacation

Janurary 1-4, 2004--------NO SCHOOL-----Winter Vacation
January 2-4, 2004---------SFC Key's Venturee Round-Up
January 17, 2004----------Venture Leader Specific Training
January 19, 2004----------NO SCHOOL-----Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 24, 2004----------University of Scouting (CPR for Venturing)
Janurary 26, 2004---------Rodolfo's Birthday
February 7-8, 2004--------Barefoot Mailman (Pompano to S. Beach)
February 14, 2004---------Valentine's Day
February 16, 2004---------NO SCHOOL-----President's Day
February 19, 2004---------Katrina's Birthday
February 20-22, 2004------Scoutmaster's Camporee
February 25, 2004---------Venture Roundtable
February 27-29, 2004------Panther Run
MARCH 2004
March 4, 2004-----------Soralee's Birthday
March 6, 2004-----------Lodge Banquet
March 19-21, 2004-------Scouting Youth Expo @ Pro Player Stadium
March 29-31, 2004-------NO SCHOOL------Spring Break
APRIL 2004
April 1-2, 2004-----------NO SCHOOL--------Spring Break
April 16, 2004------------NO SCHOOL--------Good Friday
MAY 2004
May 7-8, 2004-----------Venturing Leadership Skills Course
May 11, 2003------------William's (Pollo) Birthday
May 17, 2004------------Lisette's Birthday
May 24, 2004------------NO SCHOOL------Memorial Day
May 26, 2004------------Venture Roundtable

JUNE 2004
June 16, 17, 2004--------High School Graduation
June 19, 2004------------Scavenger Hunt
August 7, 2004--------Blizzard Beach

This is the new calender, however, most of the meeting dates have not yet been posted!!!