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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
Recent and Upcoming Events


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Venture Crew 485~BSA

(This page will give you an update on whats going on and what we're doing.)

Camp Sawyer
Kayaking in '03'

Recent Events

April 25-27, 2003 ~ Camp Sawyer Campout

This was a weekend spent with the troop and crew of Unit 485. Katrina, Nicole, Rodolfo, Juan, William, Keysy, Anaid, Jose, and Zhivago all went to represent the crew. We spent an interesting weekend in the Keys. Our crew went kayaking during the morning and had a lot of fun tipping people over, racing and relaxing. We also went swimming in the ocean and jumped off of the dock. In the later afternoon (after all the rain), we spent 2 hours fishing off the rocks near the pier. Juan won with a total of 8 fish, and Ray and Zhivago came in 2nd with 2 fish. Most of the weekend was very wet and windy, but we managed.


August 2, 2003 ~ Blizzard Beach Trip

This year, Katrina, Nicole, Rodolfo, Pollo, Jose, and Zhivago all went to Blizzard Beach representing Crew 485. We met many other crews and explorers (including Crew 384 and 313 as well as Post 1403.) Approx. 160 scouts attended this, and had a lot of fun. We arrived at the park at 10 and "played" til about 3pm when the storm came in. We didnt get to go on as many rides as we had planned, but we still enjoyed ourselves on the bus and at the park. Pictures will be coming soon!!!!

Blizzard Beach Homepage

Upcoming Events

November 30, 2003 ~ Venture Crew "Pizza Party" Meeting
We will be having a crew meeting at Katrina's house at 5pm. We will be having pizza, as well as talking mostly about the Venturee and other upcoming events. So if you plan to attend the Venturee, you must attend the meeting as well as bring in your $15. Please be on time, and see you there!
December 6, 2003 ~ Old Cutler Hike
This is a 13 mile hike in the Coral Gables area. Anyone interested in attending Barefoot Mailman should attend this hike as a pre-hike. Bring your own snacks and meals!! Hope you'll go!! Make sure you bring $7 with you on the day of the hike, and be there at 8am.
December 12-14, 2003 ~ Merit Badge College
This is a weekend of learning and earning your requirements for advancement. It is hosted at Barbara Goleman Senior High. Anyone interested, let Katrina know!!
Janurary 2-4, 2004 ~ Venturee Round-up (Florida Keys)
This year, the theme is Cowboys!! Ya, we're going to have fun with this one alright. Anyways, we have a meeting on Nov. 30 to collect the $15 due for the weekend. This is to register you for the campout. If you do not turn in the money at the meeting, you WILL NOT be attending the campout. This campout has many activites such as volleyball, soccer games, canoeing, and much more!!! It's a lot of fun, and we have a lot of spirit, so I hope to see everyone there. We will be meeting over the winter break to work on projects as well as collect the rest of the money for the weekend.