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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
Crew Committees


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Listed below or all the different committees provided in Crew 485:

Historian/Spirit Committee:

~Keysy Banegas
~Anaid Benitez
~Belkis Villareal

This committee takes keeps a historical record of the crew. Includes taking pictures, making scrapbooks, and creating our bulletin boards and spirit for the crew events.

Fundraising Committee:
This committee locates and organizes fundraisers for the crew.

Ski Trip Committee:

~Committee Chair: Carlos Lora
~Katrina Azevedo

This committee focuses on our ski trip to Tennessee next year. They are working on all the plannings of transportation, accomadations, and rentals. We look forward to a good turnout.

If you would like to be a part of a committee, or would like to start a new one, please contact your crew presidents.