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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
Buccaneer Preparations


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Before the Venturee 2003, Crew 485 got together to put some spirit into it. We all went to the Szwanke house, and did out stuff. The girls worked on the t-shirts, flags, and bullentin boards, and the guys worked on the float. It was a very hard-working day, that ended up being a lot of fun!!

Working on the raft.
The guys working on the float!!
The guys at work!
Facundo helps John work on the wood.
Ray @ work!
Ray finishes the touch-ups.
Mike @ work!
Mike works on the flag poles.
The struggle to get the shirts done.
The girls working on the shirts!!!
Estela hangs up the shirts.
Estela hangs up the shirts to dry.
Tie-Dye T-shirts are being made.
Nicole, Katrina, and Laurie work on the tie-dye shirts.
The girls @ work!
The girls are ALMOST done!!!
The Azevedo men
The Azevedo men @ work!!!