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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
March 26, 2003 Crew Minutes


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Crew 485 Agenda
March 26, 2003

I. Conservation Project
            a. As requirements for the Ranger Award, Nicole and Katrina have
               completed their tabletop display. Pictures were shown and a
              description of their 2002 project at Camp Lone Oak was

II. Camp Sawyer Campout
          a. Flyers were handed out about this campout
          b. This campout will be held on April 25-27, 2003
          c. Location is the FLorida Keys; US1 Highway; Mile Marker 34
          d. The COST is $30.00(non-refundable) which is DUE by April 9, 2003
          e. Transportation is NOT included, this is a family campout and your
              parents are welcome.
          f. The activities for the weekend are as follows: swimming, fishing,
             canoeing, boating, soccer, volleyball, football, cooking, and more.

III. Camp Lone Oak (SUMMER CAMP)
       a. Flyers were handed out at the meeting.
       b. This trip is fromJune 15-21, 2003.
       c. Location is Inverness Florida
       d. The COST is $250.00(non-refundable) and is DUE by April 9, 2003.
       e. The fee includes: transportation TO AND FROM the camp, all meals
           from Sunday dinner- Saturday Breakfast, merit badges, swimming,
           archery, boating, canoeing, soccer, volleyball, mountain biking,
           horseback riding, hiking, wall climbing, and more.
       f. Transportation IS included if needed.

IV. Crew Bylaws were discussed and read thoroughly. Every crew member
      now has a copy of the bylaws. There are no exceptions to anyone if 
      they go against our bylaws. Please read the bylaws carefully, and if
      you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

         Yes, elections were tonight. (For those of you who missed it!!)
         Anyways, our newly elected officers are:
                          President: Katrina Azevedo
                          V.P. of Administration: Zhivago Rodgers
                           V.P. of Programs: Jose Serrano
                           Secretary: Anaid Benitez
                           Treasurer: Keysy Banegas

*All of you who wanted to run, sorry you missed your chance. There were only 2 letters of intent.

*All those newly elected officers, CONGRATULATIONS!!!. Don't forget to fulfill your jobs. Please read the bylaws for your job requirements.

*DONT FORGET, those new officers, MUST attend the Venturing Leadership Skills Course which is May30-June1. Any members who would like to particpate in the VLSC as well, are more than welcome to. This is welcomed to all!!