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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
March 12, 2003 Crew Minutes


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I. Old Business
     A. Scoutmaster's Camporee
            1. ~patches were handed out and Anaid recieved her certificate for
               the 5k run which she placed 1st in the venture crew category (those
               who havent recieved their patches yet, will recieve them next meeting

II. New Business
      B. Elections are next meeting (March 26, 2003)
            1. *IMPORTANT!!! ~ all those interested in running need to submit in
                an email a letter of intent to Carlos (Advisor) before next Friday 
               (March 21, 2003)
                            a.   the letter must include your name, position you are
                                  running for, and why you would like to take office (it may
                                  be brief)
                            b. email to:
             2. Offices are:
                        a. President ~ represents and attends all council and event
                            meetings, is the youth leader of the crew, works closely with
                            the advisors, plans all meetings, and attends trainings and
                            meetings with other crew presidents
                        b. Vice President of Administration ~ when President is 
                            absent, then all responsiblities are passed to the VP of
                            Admin., does all the paperwork for the crew, leads the
                            recruiting of new members throughout the year, organizes 
                            and recognizes the achievements of other crew members,
                            conducts opening and closing ceremonies for special 
                            occasions, attends all crew activites, attends the
                            venturing roundtables with the president,
                        c. Vice President Of Programs ~ arranges and prepares crew 
                            programs, manages the crew interests, maintains an up-to-
                            date calender of crew meetings and activites, and organizes
                            camping programs
                         d. Secretary ~ manages all communications and publicity for
                             the crew, maintains crew membership and attendance
                             records, records minutes
                         e. Treasurer ~ financial officer, maintains records and monitors
                             the crew budget keeps officers aware of the crew finances
                         f. Historian ~ takes pictures and maintains a scrapbook of the
                             crew activites, can keep an up-to-date crew website

       C. Ft Wilderness Camping Trip ~ March 14-16, 2003
               1. Thursday Night ~ drop off all gear for the weekend at the Azevedo
                   house before 6:30pm OR after 8pm
               2.. Transportation is provided by Estela and Lissette
                    a.  meet on Friday at 4pm at the Azevedo house (BE ON TIME!)
               3. MEALS!!!!
                    a. bring your own food on friday night (we will NOT be stopping
                      for food)
                    b. all food that you are bringing for the weekend must be brought
                        on thursday night along with your gear
                     c. if you are bringing money, make sure you bring enough for
                         saturday and sunday
       D. Camp Sawyer Family Campout ~ April 26-28
                1. Cost is $30
                2. as of right now, transportation is NOT provided (please get your
                  family involved)
                3. activities will include: swimming, fishing, snorkeling, canoeing,
                   kayaking,  soccer, football, volleyball, and more
       E. Venturing Leadership Skills Course ~ May 30-June 1
                1. ALL new officers MUST attend!!!
                 2. $20 per person (its a first-come-first-serve sign up)
                 3. this is a venture training located in Davie at Camp Seminole
       F. SUMMER CAMP!!!! ~ Camp Lone Oak ~ June 15-21, 2003
               1. located in Inverness, Florida
                2. a week trip of canoeing, swimming, climbing and rapelling,
                    horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, tubing, and more
               3. $250 includes food and transportation
               4. Anaid is in charge of finding fundraisers

III. Next Meeting ~ March 26, 2003