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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
Venturee 2003 - Buccaneers


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During the first weekend of January in 2003, our crew particpated in the annual South Florida Council Venturee. We had a great time, and we placed in my activities. With our new members joining our old ones, we had a wonderful time and look forward to the next event. Here are some pictures to show how much spirit we had.

Crew 485 Campsite
Our campsite on the water.
Crew 485 group shot.
Crew 485

Tug -of-war!
Our 1st place tug-of-war team!!!!

The group hug.
Soccer fans!
The cheering team...Pollo, Tootsie, Starfish, and Franky...
The gang!
The gang!!!
The float race.
The race is off!!!
Crew 485 raft.
The Buc-Crew-Neer raft!!!
The race.
Crew vs. Crew!!!
Fishing on the dock.
The guys fishing!!!
Canoe race.
Mike and Shorty....faster...faster...faster
Crew 485 and Crew 384 join together in a group hug and cheer!!
"Chef" Carlos
Carlos washing his
Can we take these coconuts home?
Shorty, Katrina, and Pollo ready to go at Camp Seminole.
Our Awards!!!!
Working on the cannon balls.
Pollo, Shorty, and Katrina work on the cannon balls for the gateway display!

Soccer game.
Our 1st place soccer team!!!

Katrina kicks butt in soccer.
The girls are always kicking the guys butts!!! Go Starfish...
Crew 485 playing volleyball
Crew 485 uses teamwork to win 1st place in volleyball.
Our WHOLE crew!!!

Cheer team!!
The sideline FANS!!!

Barbara showing off our flag!!
Crew 485
Crew 485 having some fun!!!
Sword fight.
The crew showing off their swords.
The "Cuban Yacht" vs. the "Mexican Ship".......
Advisors Catapult: Carlos and Ray
Carlos and Ray were 2 victims of the Advisors catapult, where the youth shot water balloons at them!
The "TRUE" Buccaneers!!!!
The guys putting on our "Saturday Night Live" entertainment....
Taking down the tents.
Cleanup time!!!!!
Crew 485 advisors!
Our crew adults!!!