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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
January 15, 2003 Crew Minutes


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Welcome Back!!

I. Venturing Camporee Review


II. Barefoot Mailman
-$6 fee
     -33 miles
     -whose attending????
     -what to bring??
               -back pack
               -tent and sleep bag
               -plenty of water

III. New Members
       -a few guests were brought in, and hopefully will become new

IV. Pinewood Derby Race
          -bring in cars to next meeting to start working on them
          -Feb. 8 is the race

V. Next Meeting
       -January 29, 2003
       -all those paying for barefoot mailman, bring in your money
       -all potential new members, registration forms are due
       -all those needed to complete presentations, call Nicole to be put
          on the agenda