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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
September 4, 2002 Crew Minutes


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 I. Welcome Back!
         -our unit provided sodas, hot dogs, and chips to
           welcome our old members back

II. Attendance
                Andrew Azevedo
                Katrina Azevedo
                Frances Benitez
                Chris Duemmling
                Paul Laier
                Carlos Lora
                Zhivago Rodgers
                Jose Serrano
                Nicole Szwanke

                Carlos Azevedo
                Estela Azevedo
                Jan Duemmling
                Ray Szwanke

III. Calender
         -We went over the month of September, 
          October, and November calenders.
IV. Welcome Back Campout
       -handed out flyer (pack, troop, and crew is invited)
       -camping fee per person is $20.00 (family is invited)
       -payment is due on september 18 meeting
       -any questions,contact Carlos Azevedo at

       -all those members working on their Ranger, we
        will be working on our outpost camp and more of 
         the Wilderness Survival requirements

V.Rememerance of Septmeber 11th @ 7pm
      -there will be a ceremony at Challenger Park for the
         City of North Miami Beach
      -all of Unit 485 is asked to attend in class A

VI.Annual Dues
           -need to be paid in full ASAP

VII. Venture Camporee
          -flyers were handed out
          -theme is Hidden Jewel (Buccaneers)
          -Jan. 3-5, 2003 at Camp Sawyer
          -capming fee is $20 per person
          - this year we are starting early to get ideas in
            so everyone is asked to keep an eye out         
           -any questions contact Nicole (305)-947-9348

VIII. Happy Birthday
        -Andrew (Sept. 5)
        -Frances (Sept 12)
        -Nicole (Sept 19)
        -Carlos A. (Sept 22)

*During the meeting we were asked to attend the troop side, where we went over
our unit calender, as well as our summer in review. Congratulations to all those
who attended summer camp.

We hope to see everyone attend our next meeting which is:

       SEPTEMBER 18, 2002 AT 7PM AT GPES PLC

*Before then we would like to see everyone at the memorial ceremony on September