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We would like to congratulate all of our Eagle Scouts in Crew 485:
Khalil Ayvar(2000)
Michael Azevedo (2000)
Andrew Azevedo (2002)

We would like to congratulate Frances, Nicole, Soralee, Katrina, Facundo, and Ray on completeing the Barefoot Mailman. Way to go!!

First Aid. Congratulations to Melissa, Nicole, Soralee, Frances, Barbara, Katrina, Andrew, Ray, Facundo, and Carlos for have all completeing the Red Cross First Aid course and when help is delayed related course.

Congratulations to Katrina and Nicole. They both attended and were trained at the Venturing Leadership Skills Course.

We would like to congratulate Nicole and Katrina again on a job well done. They are both BSA lifequard certified, recieved the Mile Swim both in 2001 and 2002, and are well on their way to completeing their Ranger Award to go along with their Sports and Outdoor Bronze!!