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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
April 23, 2003 Crew Minutes


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Crew 485 Agenda
April 23, 2003

I. Pledge to the Flag

II. Scout Oath

III. New Members or Prospective Members
                A. We have a new member to our crew. Welcome Stephanie!!

 IV. Upcoming Events
                A. Camp Sawyer Campout (
Florida Keys) ~ this weekend!!!
                                1. Everyone is to meet at Katrina's house @ 6pm.
                                2. Friday night dinner is not provided, so bring money, or food.
                                3. The activities for the weekend include: fishing tournament, canoeing,
                                    swimming, volleyball, soccer, cooking contests, relaxing and more!!

                B. Kayaking Trip ~ May 24, 2003
                                1. @
Oleta State Park
                                2. More information will

                 C. Quarterly Venturing Roundtable ~ May 28, 2003
                                1. @ South Florida Council in Miami Lakes
7:30pm for anyone interested (crew officers and members)

                 D. Venturing Leadership Skills Course ~ May 30- June 1, 2003
                                1. @
Camp Seminole in Davie
                                2. MANDATORY ALL officers
                                3. DEADLINE:
May 7, 2003

F. Camp Lone Oak ~ June 15-21, 2003
                                1. $250
                                2. There are a few spots left if anyone else is interested (deadline has been 

V. Business
                A. Sponsorship info:
                                1. we are sponsored by the city of
NMB and if we want donations and other
                                    help from the city, then we need to take part in more city activities and also
                                    offering our services.

B. Fundraising:
                                1. we NEED a committee!!!
                                2. Ideas~
                                                a. carwash- any info???
                                                b. any other ideas???

VII. Closing~ Next meeting May 7, 2003