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Venture Crew 485's Webpage!!!
Barefoot Mailman Pictures 2003


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Each year, starting in 2000, our crew has participated in Barefoot Mailman, a hike from Pompano to Miami. It's a chance for us to meet new people and have fun. In 2003, we had a great turnout and had a lot of fun. Our crew consisted of Nicole, Frances, Katrina, Anaid, 1/2 William, Keysy, Juan, and Ray.

Barefoot Mailman 2003 Patch
Wake up guys!!!!!
We're moving AGAIN!!! Starfish, Franky, and Tootsie...
Franky is resting before the "long" boat ride...
Relaxing time!!!
Lunch break.
Shorty, Pollo, Keysy, and Anaid enjoy their lunch before they hike on again.
Crew 485 relaxes.
Nicole, Ray, and Katrina enjoy their lunch after the boat ride.
Did everyone see the models back there?
The long walk on the beach.
Kat and Franky are almost done!!
Man are we wiped out!!! (Franky and Kat)
"I can do this!"
Carlos....thats about ALL he carried!!!??!!
Miami Dade Fire Explorers perform First Aid.
ANOTHER break!!!!
The "Donut Man" and his customer!!!
Barefoot Mailman Hike
Shorty and Keysy, how's the hike??
The 4 muskateers....can they get any lazier??
There's Franky holding the crew American flag.
There's always room for relaxing with Katrina, Franky,and Shorty!!!!
Crew 485 Barefoot Mailman hikers!!!
Bye Bye!!!! And their off!!!
Hey Pollo, Anaid, Shorty, and Keysy!!
Are we there YET???!!!??
Crew 485 relaxing on the Coast Guard boat.
Crew 485 chilling on the Coast Guard boat.
Crew 485, smile for the camera!!
A little rest is good when your taking a boat ride.
Hike rest stop!
The gang stuffing their faces at a rest stop.

Treatment stop!
It's break time on Sunday!!!!

Miami Dade Fire Explorers Post 1403
Katrina...always with the injuries and seeing the medic.
Break time!!
Tootsie and Shorty relaxing before they go off again.
"I'm soooo hungry!!"
That's all Anaid ever does....EAT UP!!!
"Poo-Poo Big Butts"
The hike.
Hey Tootsie, how's the hike?
It's breaktime for Crew 485 before the last stretch!!!
The last stretch, here they ALL come!!!!
Here comes the rest of the crew as they finish the hike!!!
Anaid and Keysy showing off their patches that they walked sooo much for!!!